AMC Banking Enterprise for D365 Finance & Operations

World's most advanced cash management solution

With an AMC Banking Enterprise solution you get your own dedicated XTendLink web service. There will be no limit on journal sizes or users in XTendLink. Having your own XTL means you can tailor the security and role permissions to a more complex level. It also means you control maintenance windows and updates going forward.

Dedicated XTendLink service

Get your own Dedicated webservice locked from the outside world

Direct communication

Host-to-host connections to many banks and integrated approval workflow


Advanced security protocols to counter fraud and money laundering


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AMC Banking Enterprise comes with enhanced security. As such,  we can white-list your office’s public IP-address as the only one which can access your server and see your data, except for your ERP system and AMC.

Additionally, you can set up an unlimited number of approvers in XTendLink and restrict access to bank files and efficiently prevent fraud with many user-role separation functions.

For certain banks it is also possible to set up a direct communication with the bank. This means that data is transferred through encrypted data streams to/from your bank and you will not be able to change the data in transit. This eliminates the possibility of manipulation of local bank files. You can see which banks we support a direct communication with here:


As part of the Enterprise solution, it is also possible to automatically import statements and other bank files without involving any users.

Our approval process automates every step of the way and makes sure everyone involved is notified whenever action is needed. This way, approvers are notified instantly when journal needs approval.

With AMC Banking Enterprise you can also create and import all files with unlimited number of transactions.


With AMC Banking Enterprise, payments have never been easier. Our intelligent decision making will guide you through the payment generation, ensuring that correct payment instructions are applied effortlessly and automatically. 

Your AMC Banking Enterprise will automatically adapt to local conditions. This ensures that your cash and bank management processes are always aligned with local regulations and legislations, while utilizing the full potential of local payment types and offerings, which you do not get with more generic solutions.

AMC Banking Enterprise offers the ability to do both classic centralization where a parent company handles all payments, but also offers payments using the legal entities own bank account, so you can utilize the benefits of a centralized and uniform approach across legal entities regardless of your business needs.

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