We are PSD2-compliant

In 2021 we obtained license as a payment institution under the new Payment Service Directive (PSD2) and supervised under The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA).

Compliance with PSD2

In 2019 CEO Peter Makki initiated a dialogue with the FSA about the requirements for obtaining license as a payment institution, and permission to act as an Account Information Service Provider (AISP) and as a Payment Initiating Service Provider (PISP).

After one year with adapting to new requirements from the PSD2 combined with heavy personnel reinforcements, we are proud to have obtained the license as a Payment Institution.

Being PSD2-compliant means living up to strict requirements to our organization, employees, and the quality of our product. With the transformation to a payment institution, AMC now have new possibilities of offering our customers smarter ways of doing banking in the future. We are eager to find smarter ways to help financial departments around the world.

See more about FSA’s requirements here, or alternatively, the European Banking Authority’s requirements here for an in depth understanding.


Resilient Risk Management

Successful risk management is conducting business in a thoughtful and proactive way. We are committed to keep a look-out for possible negative outcomes, and act proactively to minimize potential harmful scenarios.

We operate with a three-step-mindset when facing risks: Identify, analyze, and manage. Our board of management are responsible for the overall risk assessment, which dynamically adapts to new threats in the technological environment.

IT-security and fraud-prevention overshadow much of AMC’s risk strategy, breeding consistent development against secure products and safety procedures.

We are also occupied with mitigating the risks associated with new product opportunities that follows the status as a payment institution. Potentially creating products performing Payment Initiating Services (PIS), we also accept the responsibility to invest in counteracting on fraud, money-laundering, and efforts to fund terrorism. In the future our customers might experience safety-procedures with regards to ‘know your customer’ (KYC) and ‘due diligence’.


Security is one of our core values because it permeates everything we do and stand for. It is hard-coded in the very cornerstone of our organization.

Our software products have matured with robustness over the past decades, with developers constantly looking to improve the safety of our customers’ data. Our new releases are first and foremost security adjustments in relation to the technological development.

As a facilitator of communication between our customers and the bank, we have implemented market leading standards of impregnable bank data encryption.

AMC is also equipped to handle attempts of cyber-attacks with ease, due to heavy investment in competent IT-professionals, and a complex safety structure. Our personnel are instructed and well-informed about best-practices to avoid ransomware and malware.