About Us

The story of us

We are AMC, a committed software company founded in 1993 and based in Copenhagen, Denmark. In the third decade of our company’s lifespan, we have matured with international expansions. We now have an office across The Atlantic in Philadelphia, USA, and a development office in Warsaw, Poland. 

We are constantly developing our organization and services. Thanks to our comprehensive consultancy, we have helped thousands of financial departments, providing automatic banking and a controlled overview of transactions. Our commitment with financial robustness has left us with valuable industry knowledge, making it natural for us to set the bar high.  

We have developed banking solutions for all major ERP systems but specialize in the Microsoft Dynamics systems NAV and AX. We work closely with our customers to create the best solution tailored to their needs. 

Our vision is about us wanting to give businesses a secure foundation to perform banking tasks. We work with a shared goal of simplifying cash management, and thus make banking ever more seamless.  


Our Mission

We strive to be the world’s leading in ERP bank integration. We elevate financial departments by centralizing banking activities, making daily tasks secure and automated.

Our core values


Without AMC banking, your payment activities are spread across portals and systems. We collect banking activities in your ERP.


Without AMC Banking, manual work allow errors and bad intentions to thrive. We protect against payment file manipulation.


Without AMC banking, repetitive manual payment tasks are business as usual. We automate trivial payment tasks.

our core values

We strive to be industry leaders in developing automated cash management tools that empower partnering financial departments with expertise to ensure a secure and efficient foundation


- We strive for technological innovation
- We constantly develop our products
- We advance on our own software everyday
- We set the tone in our industry
- We develop ourselves for others to grow
- We are our own harshest critics, and set the bar high
- We manage external critics constructively and learn from it constantly improving ourselves

Cash Management

- We believe cash management is ever more important as it is complex
- We allow organizations to grow by helping financial departments
- We develop unique tools for managing cash flows and payments
- We distribute host-to-host communication
- We provide overview and control
Providing financial visibility


- We make use of our industry knowledge with decades of experience
- We deliver professional and dedicated consultancy
- Our close cooperation with banks gives us valuable banking industry knowledge
- We supply our partners with valuable financial tools and deep technical know-how
- We make use of our expertise to empower our partners economically
- We listen and we adapt our expertise to our partners needs
- We act proactively in the best interest of our customers Win-win is benefitting from a trust-based partnership


- We stand for impregnable data-security
- We take all measures necessary to ensure safe transactional activity
- We prioritize safety and trust in online banking
- We make sure to be proactive and react fast if necessary
- We live up to the highest standard of technical security and encryption
Security is our basis of foundation


- We make cash management smarter
- We strive to eliminate trivial tasks for financial departments
- We create labor-saving technology
- We decrease the possibility for human errors
- We allow complexity to emerge in simplicity
Giving room for human focus

Our vision

We are a committed Danish IT-company based in Copenhagen. Our firm consists of passionate employees sharing an interest in technology, but with a diversified spread of competencies. Our company is approaching the third decade of its lifespan, and we are constantly developing our organization and services. Thanks to our comprehensive consultancy, we have helped thousands of companies with healthy financial stability, providing automatic banking and a controlled overview of transactions. Our commitment to help partners with financial robustness has left us with valuable industry knowledge, making it natural for us to set the bar high. Our vision is about us instinctively expecting to be among the best when it comes to managing payment processes and enhancing partners’ financial foundation.

Our mission

It is a major challenge for many modern organizations to improve liquidity and working capital. At the same time failing to excel at this discipline can have exceptional consequences for the durability of companies and stand in the way of growth. Naturally, most companies want to prioritize payment optimization, however since the task often involves multiple accounts across different countries and currencies, the task is also vastly complex. AMC is set to make cash management easy. We offer full-scale cash management services and tailored solutions to match even the most complex requirements, giving organizations economic security to allow for growth and stability.

Meet the team


Peter Makki


Jan Nielsen

Partner & Product Manager

Thomas Vestergaard

Sales Manager

Jesper Havsager

Head of Consultancy & Product

Ali Azzam

Product Manager

Michał Więckowski

Software Developer

Team members

Søren Gyde

Senior Conultant

Danielle Nielsen

Senior Consultant

Claus Christiansen

Senior Consultant

Gyrit Mejer

Project Manager

Frederik Ahring Larsen


Olga Więckowska​


Johan Høybye


Mohamad El-Yassir​​​


Julius Makki


Lennart Lehto

IT Specialist

Michael Curran

IT Specialist

Marius Constantin Untaru

DevOps Engineer

Bettina Makki


Alexander Larsen

Compliance Specialist

Kenneth Yeung Nielsen

Marketing Specialist

Hristo Stoyanov

Software Developer

Niels Andreas Tyndeskov Voetmann

Software Developer

Aleksandar Dinev

Software Developer

Anton Makki

Software Developer

Tomasz Niziol

Software Developer

Marek Czerniawski

Office manager & development

Radosław Kołecki

Software Developer

Paweł Magryta

Software Developer