Product Development

At AMC Consult A/S we are fully dedicated to developing industry-leading banking software solutions to make complex cash management easier and smarter to handle, saving companies and their financial departments valuable time and money. Here we present our product development roadmap which we plan out and communicate quarterly.

This applies solely to new releases and major features. AMC Consult A/S is of course committed to daily deployments of bank formats and bank releases. Our customers do not need to wait for a monthly release cycle to start using new banks or to get the latest format fixes as they are added daily to the AMC Banking subscription program.


PSD2 module

Our PSD2 module will be available for the Scandinavian countries in FO and BC. Seamless and hassle-free import of your bank statements directly into your Microsoft Dynamics ERP system.

Support for PSD2 APIs will be integrated into AMC’s products, ensuring you’re always at the forefront of financial technology.

Recurring payments via Credit Card

We will be introducing credit card payment into our Direct Debit module.

New AMC Banking 365 Business app

We will release our new AMC Banking Business app for Business Central. This new release will have: Automated processes for outgoing and incoming payments and reconciliation. Furthermore it will have cross company functionality as well as Host-2-Host simulation. 

Other releases

Internal Bank and loans

Our internal banking system will introduce virtual accounts for efficient fund segregation, streamlined operations, and enhanced cash flow management. Enable department-specific statement generation and loan interest calculations based on rate, balance, and term. Manage varied interest schedules and apply calculations to virtual accounts for greater transparency and control across departments.