Product Development

At AMC Consult A/S we are fully dedicated to developing industry-leading banking software solutions to make complex cash management easier and smarter to handle, saving companies and their financial departments valuable time and money. Here we present our product development roadmap which we plan out and communicate quarterly.

This applies solely to new releases and major features. AMC Consult A/S is of course committed to daily deployments of bank formats and bank releases. Our customers do not need to wait for a monthly release cycle to start using new banks or to get the latest format fixes as they are added daily to the AMC Banking subscription program.

Q4 | 2021

2021 | Q2

AMC Banking App

The mobile app will extend some of the current functionalities of AMC Banking and make it easier, faster and smarter to approve or decline payment journals

Other releases

Easy Registration

Registration of AMC Banking will be possible within Business Central and Finance & Operations, as we will establish communication between the ERP and our solution, making the registration process smarter, easier and faster. This applies for both new purchases and updates of AMC-Banking solutions

JP Morgan Chase

It will be possible to establish host-to-host/direct connection to JP Morgan Chase bank using AMC Banking Plus. You will no longer need the Enterprise solution to go have direct communication in the US for selected banks

Q1 | 2022

2021 | Q3

Credit Card

After the summer, we will be introducing credit card payment – among other payment types – into our Direct Debit solution


Q2 | 2022

2021 | Q4

AMC Banking BI

Towards the end of the year we will be adding a built-in analytics and business intelligence dashboard to our cloud solution

Q3 | 2022

Enhanced automatch

AMC Bankings's automatch and bank reconciliation features for Business Central will be extended to a more scalable and higher performing setup

Other releases

PSD2 module ready for FO and BC

The use of host-to-host connections for more than the half of the EU region will be available for the AMC-Banking Plus solution, with easy onboarding capabilities as well