Become a Partner

Why become an AMC partner?

At AMC Banking, we’re dedicated to revolutionizing digital cash management, and we’re thrilled to invite you to join our Partner Program. By becoming a partner, you’ll gain access to a range of benefits designed to elevate your business. Here’s what awaits you:

Benefits and requirements

Benefits are provided to all partners each time they enroll or renew their memberships in the AMC Banking Partner Program. Each type of partnership (STANDARD or PREMIUM) offer different level of access to benefits from AMC Banking. Please take look between the differences and choose the one which fits your needs. Please note that by enrolling to any of levels of membership you are also obliged to meet all requirements specific for each level.

1. Please compare which membership level may fit the best for your needs




2. Get acquainted with the contract

After you have picked the membership that best suits your needs, download the Partnership Agreement, sign it, and send it to

3. Register on our License Portal

Lastly, register on our License Portal. Once you have done this you are officially registered as an AMC Consult A/S partner

For any inquiries please contact

Mohamed El-Yassir

Partnership Manager