Standard Boards

When opening XTendLink boards for the first time two AMC Standard boards is already added.
These boards cannot be edited or changed and will always remain static.

The reason for this is to always be able to come back to default configuration but it will not stop you from creating and changing your own boards.

If you make a change to a standard board, such as resizing the charts or changing the filters, it will create clone of the standard board with your changes. The new board will be called ex. Operations Board – Clone, but you can rename it as you see fit.

Operations board #

The Operationsboard is designed to help the Users of AMC Banking, it should quickly give an overview if something needs to be done.

  • Is there validation errors in your Payment Journal?
  • Is something waiting for approval?
  • Is files prepared to export to your ERP?

These questions can be quickly answered on the Operations Board.

Treasury board #

The Treasury board is designed to give you insights into the patterns of your payments on a larger scale. It can help you make informed decisions on whether to open new bank accounts, change cash management procedures or improve Payment type uses.

  • How many Payments do I send/receive with currency exchange?
  • How much do I pay in fee’s to my bank?
  • What is my current currency holdings across banks.

All these questions and more can be answered on the Treasury Board.