Business Central: AMC Bank 365 Signer

AMC Banking 365 Signer page is where you enter the signer information to login into Bank Data Conversion Service and import bank files automatically into Dynamics Business Central.

The signer information must be the same as your Dynamics Business central credential.

To find this page, go to Bank Accounts / Bank Statement Service / Automatic Bank Import Setup

PS. Your bank account in Dynamics BC must be linked to your online bank account. Find more info in the AMC Banking 365 Business user guide.


Enter your credential and password to login to the webservice and click Save password.

By accepting the terms, you agree to save your Dyn. 365 BC login credentials inside of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

To complete the process, enable automatic Bank Import in Jobqueue.

The system will create a job queue entry.
Next time the job queue entry runs, the system will import the bank files (if available in Bank Data Conversion Service) and create Payment Reconciliation Journals