Business Central: Bank Account Card

The bank account card page is where you will enter information about the bank account as the bank account number, name, currency, etc…

The mandatory fields are:

  • Either Bank Account No. or IBAN (we recommend using the IBAN field as bank account identification, even when the bank account number is not an IBAN number)
  • Credit Transfer Msg. Nos
  • Bank Name – Data Conversion
  • Bank Statement Import Format, if you want to import Bank Files
  • Credit Advice Import Format, if you want to import Bank Files
  • Payment Export Format, if you want to export Bank Files

The additional fields (Bankagreementlevel1 and Bankagreementlevel2) are not mandatory for all bank formats.

PS. The content for the fields Bank Statement Import Format, Credit Advice Import Format and Payment Export Format are automatically filled out when you execute the Assisted Setup from the AMC Banking Setup page

If you would like to post “Payment Reconciliation Journals”, you need to put in information under “Bank Acc. Posting Group”. This can be found under “Posting” as you can see on the following screenshot: