Spot-checking in D365 Finance & Operations


Payment approval is crucial to preventing unauthorized transactions, offering protection against potential fraud. However, ensuring, and documenting payments have undergone a thorough review process can be a challenge.
Spot-checking addresses this issue and is a powerful addition to standard payment approval. This feature allows you to enforce approvers to inspect a specific number or percentage of payment lines.
This document outlines how to easily enable and utilize spot-checks to add an extra layer of accountability to your payment approval process.

Enabling spot-checks

Spot-checking is activated from AMC Banking > Setup > Parameters where the Payments tab has a Spot check section.

Spot checkEnables/disables spot-checking
UnitChoose between Quantity or Percent to enforce a fixed or a percentage-wise number of spot-checks per payment journal.
ValueThe spot checks unit value

Payment approval

When spot-checking is enabled, the process of approving payments changes slightly. The activation of payment approval remains the same, whether spot-checking is enabled or disabled. However, if spot-checking is enabled, the approval dialog’s spot check feature is activated as well.
A checkbox next to the list of journals being approved indicates whether the required spot-checking has been completed, and the Spot check button above the grid becomes active.

Until all journals in the list have undergone the necessary payment reviews, approvers cannot commit username and password. To initiate the spot-check process, click the Spot check button.
It is essential to note that you can interrupt the payment review process at any time and resume later. If you choose to interrupt, use the Cancel button to halt the payment approval process. Payment lines that have already been reviewed will retain their status, even if the payment approval and review process is interrupted.


Clicking the Spot check button in the payment approval dialog opens the spot check dialog. Here, a random selection of lines, as determined by the parameter setup, is presented for the payment review process.

The spot check dialog displays essential payment data for review and offers quick navigation to gather additional information.
After reviewing a payment line, users confirm by clicking the Approve button above the grid. This action marks the line as reviewed, and the Approved by column now indicates the reviewer.
The Undo button reverses accidental approvals or reopens the review process if needed.

Once all randomly selected lines are approved, click OK to return to the payment approval dialog.

The spot check checkbox next to the reviewed journal now has a checkmark, signifying the completion of the spot check. The OK button is also activated, allowing the user to finalize the payment approval process.

Spot-check history

Navigate to AMC Banking > Inquiries > Spot check history to see all historic spot checks.

Use this page to access and/or print a full list of historically reviewed payment lines across payment journals.