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AMC Banking Fundamentals is an out-of-the-box bank data conversion center, which enables you to send payment files in up-to-date bank specific formats and import bank statements into Dynamics 365 Business Central to automate the bank reconciliation process and payment process.

Easy to get started

AMC Banking Fundamentals is pre-installed in Business Central and the setup is easy and seamless

Up-to-date formats for 600+ banks

AMC creates bank-specific formats and handles updates and maintenance as part of the subscription

In-journal validation of payment file

See exactly what data is missing to build a payment file, straight in your journal to reduce time-consuming errors


How to get started

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Built for Business Central

AMC Banking Fundamentals is pre-installed in all new Business Central installations, which makes the startup process easy and seamless. The Fundamentals app provides access to XTendLink which means you can export payment files in bank specific formats to 600+ banks with the click of a button.

XTendLink runs bank specific validations on your payment journal before you are able to export a file to ensure efficient and errorless workflows.

The solution also enables you to import bank statement files to utilize the built-in auto-match functionality, which automatically finds and settles the payments, and can also make the bank reconciliation in one flow.

Note: AMC Banking Fundamentals is pre-installed in Business Central Cloud and Business Central OnPremise v.15 and up. For previous versions (including NAV), get in touch with AMC on to hear the possibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions​

for AMC Banking Fundamentals
Register an AMC Banking Fundamentals (ServicePlan 0) license on Your ERP Serial number from “AMC Banking Setup” in Business Central needs to match your ERP Serial number on the license server. (Add pictures here) Once your account is registered you can run “Assisted Setup” from “AMC Banking Setup” with your ERP Serial number as your username and the password you entered

After setting up AMC Banking Fundamentals you can add new bank accounts simply by using them. The first time you use a Bank AccounT (export or import a bank file) you will get a confirmation email. Once this is approved you can use the bank account freely. Remember, the first bank account is free of charge.

Banks have different validations so its difficult to say exactly which fields are mandatory. The “Bank Name” field needs to be populated, and so does standard bank information. If you wish to make international payments in EU you will need IBAN/SWIFT.

Please make sure that your Payment export format is “BNKDATACONVSERVCT” and your Statement import format is BANKDATACONVSTMT”

If not,you have to run assisted setup again.

The email you entered as your license administrator will also be eligible for support. Once you registered you will receive an email to AMC Service Desk, this is where you can ask for technical support.

You can add extra support users on but only the first one is free.


Login to your Service URL with your administror credentials, you can find your Service URL on the “AMC Banking Setup” page in your Business Central.

Once logged in you will see an overview of your registered bank accounts, you can delete them from there.

Need more features? Try AMC Banking Plus

AMC Banking plus comes with more features
File-based communication

Download bank files to your local drive and upload them in the bank

Country-specific payment types

Access worldwide SEPA Payments, FIK, GIRO, KID for Nordic countries and Express payments for supported banks

Enhanced matching functionality

AMC adds extra functionality to the auto-match to easier match bulk payments

Statements with multiple accounts

Import bank statements as well as account statements