AMC Banking Enterprise Payment Hub

AMC Payment Hub

The AMC Payment Hub is a dynamic bank data converter, which is the cornerstone of all AMC Banking solutions. In here, we store data about all the various bank formats we have developed throughout time.

We support well over 600 banks worldwide, and every bank connection represents hard work and detailed analyses of the individual internal features of a specific bank. Very often, a bank offers different payment types, and different set of integration methods is needed.  

Payment types also differ from one geographical area to another. Basically, each county has its own set of payment types. To meet Nordic requirements AMC has added customer support for each local payment type. This means that you as an AMC client can comfortably access and set up e.g. new Nordic payment types with or without our help.  

You can save costs on having to facilitate hard coding features yourself, due to our dynamic approach to bank connectivity in all our products and services. Whenever you wish to send or receive payments from your ERP-system, the payment hub is preparing and converting data to a readable format.  

The payment hub also has strict validation rules, to prevent a user from sending payments, otherwise predicted to be rejected by the bank.


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How is the setup?

It is possible for you to host the AMC Payment Hub as a dedicated cloud service. By having a hosted cloud service, AMC offers dynamical maintenance of formats and bank API´s. This way we can make sure your bank connections are up-to-date and ready to use.

Adding a new and unsupported bank can also be handled dynamically. If we have to add an unsupported bank, make an adjustment to an exisiting format, or a bank API, AMC will update the service automatically.

The AMC Payment Hub offers secure and highly configurable approver handling. It is possible to adapt the payment authority on different levels. Other features such as the-four-eye principle, maximum approver amount, or account approver groups are also available among many other smart ways of keeping your security level on point.

It is easy to have an overview and remove approvers through our user interface. In addition to the actual approval, the payment hub also offers a workflow, securing that an approver gets notified when a relevant payment journal is ready for approval.

It is easy to integrate your ERP-system with the AMC Payment Hub. Connecting the Payment Hub to an ERP-system can be done by building the AMC payments data formats for incoming, and outgoing payments. The payment data can be transmitted either through variations of SFTP-services or from webservices.

Key functionalities

Bank Connector (Support for file and host-to-host integration)
Incoming payments 
Account statements 
Cross-conversion between bank formats
600+ banks supported
Easy integration to any given ERP-system
Enhanced approver functionality (Four-eye-principle, control of account approval, or a specific amount)
Approver workflow (The relevant approver will be notified when a specific is ready for approval)
Support integration to a salary system

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