Users in XTendLink

What are users for? #

Users in XTendLink can distribute accesses and permissions.

– Accounts.
– Transactions.
– Banks.
– Etc.
– Approve payments​.
– Add new banks​.
– Give accesses & permissions to users​.
– Etc.

What is a user? #

  • Each person using XTendLink has their own user.​
  • Each user has a unique login and a unique email​.
  • Users are secured using passwords​.
  • Users are used in XTendLink and through connections (i.e. ERP systems)​.
  • Users have different roles and rights.

User roles #

  • Roles are the main method used to define both accesses and permissions​.
  • A user has at least one role and may have more than one role​.
  • Roles can be added and removed by a user Administrator or Manager role.
Viewer– Journals– None
Chart viewer– Charts– Does not log out automatically
Clerk– Journals
– Upload/download
– Import/export files
– Delete journals
– Reconsile debmul/cremul
Payer– Journals
– Accounts
– Payments
– Edit payment lines
– Delete payment journals
Approver– Journals
– Approve payment page
– None
Controller– Journals
– Accounts
– Payments
– Create, edit and delete payment lines
– Create and delete payment journals
Manager– Journals
– Accounts
– Payments
– Users
– Banks
– Full edit permissions for payments
– Create and edit user
– Create and delete banks
Administrator– Setup– All options in the setup menu for: Users, banks, company, XTL, tools and more
Root– All data areas– Edit data area of all companies
Service– Company– May connect to XTL (e.g. from ERP)

How to create users in XTendLink #

  1. Click on setup in the top menu
  2. Click on the users menu
  3. Click on NEW
  4. Write a login
  5. Write a email
  6. Set a password