Understanding user roles

Understanding user roles #

  1. License administrator:
    • A designated individual authorized to manage your AMC License, potentially receiving vital information about the license.
    • Has access to the AMC License Portal for modifying licenses, managing support users, adding new license administrators, and altering banks.
    • Also accesses the Service Desk for technical support with the same privileges as a support user.
  2. Support user:
    • Should possess basic technical knowledge about AMC Banking and can create support tickets.
    • Only has access to the Service Desk portal for technical assistance.
    • Note: Only the license administators can add/delete a support user.

Creating a new support user #

  1. Navigate to the AMC License Portal and login: https://license.amcbanking.com/login.
  2. Click on “Users” in the top menu
  3. Click on the “+New” button
  4. Select the “Support User” under the “Select user roles” dropdown
  5. Type in the name and email and click the “Register” button

Deleting a support user #

  1. Log in to the license portal: https://license.amcbanking.com/login.
  2. Click on “Users” in the top menu
  3. Under “Users”, you can view all listed support users. A red cross next to each name allows for user deletion.
    • If a deletion button is absent, it indicates that the person is a license administrators. They must first be deleted as license administrators before removal as support users.

Ensure your AMC Banking management is streamlined and all user roles and actions are undertaken by the appropriate individuals. It’s imperative to manage user roles efficiently to maintain the security and functionality of your AMC Banking platforms.

Resetting password #

Your password is the same both for the Service Desk and the License Server

To reset your Service Desk password, you need to go to our license portal: https://license.amcbanking.com/login.

  1. Click on “Forgot your password?”

2. You will then receive a password request email

3. Click on “Change password”

4. This will take you to a change password form

5. Type in your new password and click “Change password”

6. You have now reset your password