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Demo mode is used to show you how AMC Banking works. Please be aware that payment files that you can create here you cannot use to upload to your Bank or import bank statements to the production environment because some data will be modified with demo data.

AMC Banking Setup #

• Search for AMC Banking setup in the appstore
• Go to the page AMC Banking Setup.

  • In the General section, you need to enable AMC Banking setup and accept the terms and conditions.
  • The User Name and Password will be automatically filled in with the demo credentials and you should also see the correct demo Service URL address: (

Next, you need to go to Assisted Setup and use Assisted Setup (if you have installed the AMC Banking 365 Fundamentals app only) or Assisted Setup Business (If you have installed the AMC Banking 365 Business app).

  • You need to mark that you understand and accept AMC’s agreements. Please use default values for the AMC Banking setup. Next please use the Start update button.
If you get the warning below, please select the “Allow always” option and click OK.
  • During this update process all, necessary data will be imported from the demo XTL to your Business Central, also the environment will be prepared to work with AMC Banking.
  • When the update is finished you should receive this message. It means that the connection between your ERP system and demo XTL has been established and you can start using AMC Banking now to make payments and import bank files.