How to upgrade from Fundamentals to Business

If you would like to upgrade from Fundamentals to a Plus plan, please follow the steps described above:

1. Download the AMC Banking Plus app from Microsoft AppSource.

2. Access AMC Banking’s License Server at

3. After logging in, navigate to “modules” and click “buy module”.

4. Then, choose the plan you would like to subscribe to. In this case, we are purchasing AMC Banking Plus for Business Central, so we are choosing “AMC-Banking”, “Dyn. NAV” and “CLASSIC+”. Once you’ve selected the correct plan, click “Next”.

5. Please ignore the “Hotline” value when reviewing your order. Only the license will be charged. If all is correct, click “Accept Purchase” and follow through with your order.

6. After you’ve completed your module purchase, go to your Business Central and access the AMC Banking Setup.

7. Insert your new Username (BCXXXXXXX) and password.

8. Go to “Process” on the top bar and run the Assisted Setup.

9. The upgrade from Fundamentals is now completed. Everything should be ready for you and your company to use AMC Banking Plus.