How to upgrade from Fundamentals to Business

If you would like to upgrade from Fundamentals to a Plus plan, please follow the steps described bellow:

1. Login to Business Central

2. Click on the search icon in the top right corner, and search for “Extension Marketplace”.

3. Click on Extension Marketplace

4. Search for AMC Banking in the search field

5. Click on AMC Banking 365 Business

6. Click on “Free Trial”

7. Click on Install in the “Extension Installation” popup window

8. Please wait, and do not close the window while the installation is running

9. Make sure that the information is correct in the “Registration Information”, and then click on OK

10. Sign in with your login information

11. Check the information in the “Module Upgrade”, and click on Next

12. Check the information in the summary of the order, and then click on Confirm

13. The order is successfull. Check your mail inbox for a confirmation email

14. Accept the terms, and run the assisted setup by clicking on Start Update

15. Setup is done