How to register an Enterprise license for AX2012/D365FO

This guide shows you how to create a brand new license, and register an AMC Banking Enterprise with Service Plan 2

  1. Navigate to, this is the AMC License Portal – and press “Register”

  1. Fill in your company information
Company nameYour Company Name needs to correspond to the legal entity, registered on your VAT Number
VAT NumberYour VAT number needs to be correct and pre-fixed with your country code. Ex. “DK12345678”
License administratorThe license administrator will have the responsibility to administer activities subject to invoicing. The person who registers your company will automatically be assigned to the license portal as well as the service desk. The license administrator will have the opportunity to add extra support users and subscribe to new services
CurrencyThe option you choose under currency will be the currency you receive your invoices in, as well as prices in the license portal
ResellerHere you can see a list of registered resellers with AMC, if you do not find your own Microsoft reseller, leave the field blank and have them get in touch with us. If you choose a Reseller on your list, all invoices sent to you will go through the Reseller

  1. Once you have registered your company, your license administrator needs to approve the verification email sent. Afterwards they can log into

  1. Once you are logged in, you can find the Enterprise License for D365FO or AX2012 by pressing the “other solutions” box.

  1. In the next window, highlight the AMC Banking in the top table, and Dyn.AX+ in the bottom table and press “next”

  1. If you are registering an Enterprise license, highlight the “Service Plan 2” option, and press the “Register ERP Serial Number” button.

  1. Your “ERP Serial Number” will act as the “Username” used to connect your AX/D365FO to the AMC Servers, its good practice to choose the license number as found in your AX2012/D365FO but there is no validation on this as long as its unique.
    It’s recommended to choose a different password than your License Administrator password.

  1. Press the save button, and verify that your ERP Serial number is added correctly to the Module line, once verified – press “next”
  1. Verify that your order looks correct, you can add an order reference by using the blue button, this could be a PO number or a contact person.
    Once verified, press the “Confirm” button to finalize registration.
  1. Your  registration is now finalized, and you can let AMC know that we can start setting up your server.