How to get AMC Banking

To get AMC Banking you will first need an invitation to our AMC Banking solution on Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS).

To get an invitation, please send an email to The mail should contain:

  1. Who needs access (your Azure account name, e.g.,
  2. Where is the access needed (the LCS geographical location, EU and/or US)

Once we have received your mail request, we will invite you to our AMC Banking LCS solution, and you will receive an invitation mail shortly thereafter.

You now have access to the AMC Banking solution, documentation, release notes and in addition you will be informed each time a new version AMC Banking version is released.

To add AMC Banking to your LCS project, please use the following steps:

  1. From LCS open the Global Asset Library.
  2. Click the Solution package tab.
  3. Click the Import button, select AMC Banking from the dialog and click the Pick button.
  4. Select the AMC Banking solution and click the Versions button.
  5. Ensure you have selected the latest version and click the Get version button.

To add AMC Banking to specific customer project, please repeat step steps 1 through 5 in the local Asset Library of the project (if not already there).

You should now have access to the latest Banking 365 deployment packages, which are automatically added to the Software deployable package tab; hence are now available to download or deploy on the Cloud-hosted environments in LCS.