How to gain access to banking solution on LCS

Lifecycle Services (LCS) for Microsoft Dynamics is a collaboration portal that provides an environment and a set of regularly updated services that can help you manage the application lifecycle of your implementations of the Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (FO) apps.

Invite users to Banking 365 solution

Banking 365 for FO is available for both customers and partners in LCS. To gain access to the Banking solution, and thereby the deployment packages, which can be applied to the D365FO environments in LCS, please follow the steps below:

  1. Send an email to, containing a list of Azure Active Directory (AAD) accounts, which should have access to the Banking 365 solution. The ADD account is identical to the account that you might use for Office365, Lifecycle Services and other Azure based products. Please note, that your AAD account might be different from your email address and/or local domain account.
  2. Once registered, AMC will inform you, that the accounts have been added to the solution. In addition, the users added might receive an email from Microsoft LCS, informing them, that they have been invited to the Banking 365 solution.

This mail is merely a formality. If the mail does not reach its intended target, it will not prevent the users from completing the remaining steps in this guide.

Add banking 365 solution to LCS projects

Once users have been invited, they will be notified be email, each time a new version of Banking 365 is made available in LCS. In addition, the users can access the solution from their LCS projects, using the following steps:
1) Open Asset Library.
2) Click the Solution package tab.
3) Click the Import button, select AMC Banking in the dialogue and click the Pick button
4) Select the AMC Banking solution and click the Versions button.
5) Select the latest version and click the Get version button.

Afterwards the latest Banking 365 deployment packages are automatically added to the Software deployable package tab; hence are now available to deploy on the Cloud-hosted environments in LCS.