How to access and navigate the AMC Service Desk

Gaining access with a license: #

  1. Initial access: If your organization has registered any version of an AMC-Banking license on, the user that registered the license (license administrator) and (if any) extra added support users, will have access to the AMC Service Desk.

Identifying and using license administrator/support user credentials: #

  1. Determining your license administrator/support user: The license administrator is the individual registered during your organization’s sign-up on AMC’s registration page, and this person can add and delete extra support users from
  2. Login Credentials: The license administrator or support users use their email for logging into the AMC Service Desk. Tickets and service requests can be created and managed using these credentials.
    • Service Desk URL: Access the AMC Service Desk at
    • Logging In: Click on the “Login” button located in the upper right corner of the page, and enter the license administrator’s/support user’s email and password.
  3. Forgotten Password:

Addressing issues with license administrator details: #

  1. Unknown license administrator:
    • If the license administrator is unknown, contact AMC by calling +45 38 88 88 70 or sending an email to to retrieve the information.
  2. license administrator No Longer with Organization:
    • If the license administrator is no longer with your organization, a new one can be created by contacting AMC.
    • Request a new license administrator by calling +45 38 88 88 70 or emailing
    • Approval from an authorized subscriber within your organization will be required to create a new license administrator.

Troubleshooting Access Issues: #

  1. Persistent access issues:
    • If attempts to access using the above steps are unsuccessful, contact AMC for further assistance.
    • Call +45 38 88 88 70 or email and inform the support team about your access issues.
    • Rest assured, AMC support will provide assistance until access is successfully restored.