Handle Customer Prepayments

Some organizations might require payments in advance from customer, so-called prepayments, before goods can be manufactured and shipped or services can be fulfilled. In these cases, there are typically no open customer invoices to settle against, when customer payments are imported, and customer payments should therefore be marked as prepayments.


Imported payments can be marked as prepayments, using the following steps:

1. Go to AMC Banking > Posting > Posting journal

2. In the list, select a posting journal record

3. Click Lines

4. In the list, select a payment record

5. Go to the General tab

6. Check the Prepayment journal voucher check box.

The posting profile changes automatically to the posting profile for the prepayment journal voucher, that has been configured in Accounts receivable parameters setup

7. Click Post

Posting of the journal and the prepayment journal voucher within it, results in an open customer transaction, which is registered as a prepayment. The added prepayment can be settled throughout the system, like any ordinary customer payment, e.g. by using the Settle open transaction button from an Accounts receivable payment journal.


If manufacturing or shipping of goods depends on customer prepayments, customer payments can be settled against non-invoiced sales orders, by doing the additional steps prior to above step 7:

1. Go to the General tab 2. In the Sales order field, select the sales order, which to tie the prepayment against

3. Click Save

Posting a prepayment with a sales order specified, will result in the creation of an open customer transaction like it does with any non-settled customer payment. In addition, the prepayment will automatically be settled against the selected sales order, allowing further processing of the sales order.

Please note, that the Banking module can merely add sales order settlements, hence monitoring and further processing of sales orders is not the responsibility of the Banking module. It should instead be handled according to the individual needs and possibilities of the organization itself.

Please also note, that the customer prepayment amount is not validated against the total sales order amount, so there are not amount difference restrictions.