Home screen #

When you open the app, the first thing you will see is the main screen. Here you can see the total number of payment journals of a specific status. To change the active status, click on one of the categories.

By default, the page will only show 25 elements when the status is pulled. To show more data, simply scroll down to the bottom.

You can either see the general information regarding a particular payment journal or open a single payment journal by clicking on the label.

You can always access the main screen again by pressing the ‘Home’ button in the lower left corner.

Single payment journal #

In a single payment journal, you can see the same general information as on the home screen, but you are also able to see the total number of payment lines as well as the payment lines associated with a payment journal you have chosen.

You have the choice to sort the loaded payment lines by amount, receiver, payment type and currency.

Invoice lines #

Approving/declining single payment journals #

You can either choose to approve or decline a payment journal. The journal needs to have the status of “PRE”, “1ST” or “2ND”.

Approving journals #

After clicking ‘Approve Journal’, you must go through the following steps, to approve the journal.

Enter your password
Confirm approvel
The journal is approved

If you do not have a password, look under the Settings chapter.

Declining journals #

After clicking ‘Decline Journal’, you must go through the following steps to decline the journal.

Confirm decline payment journal
The journal is declined