Custom Charts

If the AMC chart does not meet your requirements, you always have the option to create your own Custom Charts.

Choose the data #

Doing so will enable you to enter the filters and parameters manually to build your own custom data Chart.

Companies #

If there is multiple companies in your XTendLink (Enterprise only) you can select which of the companies we should collect data from. You can select all or multiple companies in the dropdown menu if you wish.

Selecting companies will filter all data to only show data from the selected companies.

Chart type #

Information sources #

X-axis source #

The different Chart types and information source have different data Sources to pool data from, with the simple Counter chart being the simplest, to the Bar Chart which needs two sources, and X-Axis and a Y-axis.

Many fields can be used as the X-Axis, such as currency, Own Account, Journal Status etc.

Y-axis source #

Filter the data #

Filtering the data is an important step when creating a graph.

A filter is built using a

  • Field – Fx. Currency, Transaction type, Own Bank Account etc.
  • Operation – Fx. Equals, Not Equal, Greater Than, Not Empty etc.
  • Value: Ex. Numeric, String, or Look-up.

You can add “Or”-Statements to filters Fx. Below I will be filtering the data to only show for my Own Bank Account currency in EUR or USD.Had is simply created another “Own Bank Account Currency” filter nothing would show up, because no bank account currency is both EUR and USD.

Time filters #

Time filters can be added if you would only like to see data for a specific period of time.

They enable you to quickly add a date filter showing you the data for the last day/week/month/Quearter/Year, as identified by either Created date (the date the entry was created) or Posting Date (Payment Date or Account statement date)

Additional settings #

Here you can give your new chart a name and select if Numerical values should be shown on the graph and whether Grid Lines should be added to the chart.

Press the Create Data Display to add the chart to your Board.

Your Chart will also be saved under “Custom Charts” so you can add the same Chart to a different board easily.