Bank Connect, implementation process check list for AMC-Banking Plus

Bank agreement #

  1. Contact your bank or banks/cash management bank consultancy – and start up agreement work. Ask for a Bank Connect add-on to your existing web bank solution
  2. Bank sends a temporary SMS code for activating agreement when it is signed/registered and activated in the bank

AMC WebService setup #

  1. Log in to AMC-Banking Web service and activate your Bank Connect solution
  2. Create your approvers in AMC Banking WebService

AMC-Banking implementation #

  1. In AMC-Banking create/import your new Bank Connect bank and setup thisYou need to perform an appropriate setup of your AMC-Banking system. Please follow the user guide for more information. If your company is an existing user of AMC-Banking you only need to reimport the bank setup from AMC Banking Web Service Go to Setup / Banks / Banks and push the “Select Banks” button. Update your bank list in the next window Select your bank on the available banks list and drag it to Selected banks. Close the window and refresh your bank list (F5)
    Select your bank and press “Settings”, and enter your Bank Connect function ID as Bank agreement 1
  2. Create a penny test payment and send it to your bank
  3. Verify that you receive a status file and that your payment is received/accepted by the bank
  4. Import an account statement from your bank (you might need to order this in the web bank)
  5. Go live