What are approvers? #

  • An approver in XTendLink is any user with approver rights​.
  • Approvers can approve payments and import from the bank​.
  • Approver rights are granular and allow for precise separation of responsibilities​.
    • Approver rights are defined for each bank ​.
    • each bank may have a different set of approvers​
    • By default, two approvers are required to finalise any payment​ for increased security​

Approver Role vs Rights #

  • Approver role and approver rights are different, and connected, concepts​.
  • Approver role gives access to the approval page in XTendLink.
  • Approver rights give permission to approve payments, using XTendLink or through a connection (e.g. ERP)​

A user with only approver rights​:
CAN approve payments through a connection​
– Can NOT access the approval page in XTL

A user with only approval role:
CAN access the approval page in XTL​
– Can NOT approve payments​

How to give approver rights #
  1. Click on Setup
  2. Click on Users
  3. Select the user
  4. Click on new in Approver rights
  5. Set the key
  6. Choose the approval level

Security and approvers #

  • To realise a payment, a connection to the bank must be created ​
  • Connections in XTendLink use a “lock” that requires several “keys” to open​
  • These keys are linked to the user password​
    • If the user resets their password because they forgot it, they will lose access to the key and a new key must be made
    • If the user changes their password using their old one, they will NOT lose access to the key​
  • There are two types of approval rights in XTL: A-Rule and B-Rule​

Users in A-Rule​:
– Have all required “keys”​
– Can approve by themselves​

Users in B-Rule​:
– Only have half of the required “keys”​
– An extra approval step is required, from either another user in B-Rule or from a user in A-Rule

Approver Admins #

  • When creating a new connection to a bank, approver admins will also be created/defined automatically​
  • Approver admins can give, remove or edit approver rights for the same bank​
  • Approver admins may be in either A-Rule or B-Rule​
    • An approver admin in A-Rule can edit approver rights by themselves​
    • An approver admin in B-Rule needs another approver admin to edit approver rights​
  • Any approver admin is, by definition, also a user with approver rights – an approver​

Approval groups #

  • Approval groups are used to give increased security and scrutiny in approving payments​
  • Users do not have to belong in any approval group​
  • Users may belong to more than one approval group​
  • Approval groups modify the requirements for approval​
    • An extra step may be necessary​
    • An approval from a user belonging to a specific approval group may be necessary
Group nameExtra featureBenefitsExample
Approver SeparationRequires users from different groups to approve a paymentMembers of a single team can’t approve by themselvesTwo groups exist, Team A and Team B. To approve a payment, one user from Team A and one user from Team B are required.
Main ApproversA user from this group is always required to approveForces any approval to pass through the hierarchy, e.g., a managerA normal approver starts the approval process and then a user from the Main Approvers group finishes the last approval step
Amount TransAny individual transaction above this limit triggers an extra approval step from this groupAny large enough transaction will trigger an approval from someone else, e.g., a managerA payment with a transaction over the limit is approved by two normal approvers in B-Rule. Another approval is required from a user in the Amount Trans group
Amount SumAny payment above this limit triggers an extra approval step from this groupAny large enough payment will trigger an approval from someone else, e.g., a managerA payment with a total amount over the limit is approved by two normal approvers in B-Rule. Another approval is required from a user in the Amount Sum group
Receiver AccountThe receiver accounts (BBAN/IBAN) must also be approved Guarantees that a payment is not made to a wrong account due to an error or malicious intentA payment to a new receiver account is approved by two normal approvers. It is blocked until this new receiver account is manually approved.
Approver AccountUsers in this group can only approve payments of accounts allowedSeparates the accounts of different teams even if they are from the same bankA user from team A tries to approve a payment using a bank account from team B and is blocked automatically
NotifyUsers in this group are notified of payments and other approvals Allows for more transparencyA payment is approved, and the user in this group receives a notification that it happened