Business Central: AMC Banking 365 Business Importlog

In the Importlog you can see logs of the imported bank files to your Business Central.

To find the ImportLog, you need to search for “AMC Banking 365 Business ImportLog”.

If you would like to import new bank files to your Business Central, you need to go to “Synchronize”, and next you have to options:

You can synchronize automatically or you can synchronize manually:

If you choose “Synchronization”, you need to press “Synchronization” and during this process all new files will be imported.

If you choose “Automatic Synchronization”, an additional window will popup where you need to agree to open the “Job Queue Entry”

After you click “Yes”, you should see the “Job Queue Entry Card”

Here you can setup details about this synchronization. This could for example be how many times the synchronization should run, and when.