Business Central: Bank Acc. Reconciliation

If you would like to find the Bank Account Reconciliation, you need to search for “Bank Account Reconciliation”.

When you open the link, you should see the following popup with the list of bank accounts you need to reconcile:

Next you need to open the bank account that you would like to reconcile, by clicking the bank account number.

You should then see the following popup:

If you can not see any transactions in the “Bank Statement Lines”, you need to go to “Process” and use the “Suggest Lines” option.

In the matching you have the possibility to choose match automatically, or match manually.

If you choose to match automatically, the system will compare on both sides (Bank statement lines and Bank Account Ledger Entries), and match them.

If you choose to match manually, you need to select some transactions from both sides, and match them manually.

The last step is to post. To do this you need to click “Posting” from the top menu.