Business Central: Payment Journal

Table of Contents

The Payment Journal is where you create the payment lines you want to export as a file to the bank.

1) Create new Batch Payment by clicking on “New”

You can Create payment lines in the journal both manually or use “Suggest Vendor Payments” option

To use “Suggest Vendor Payments” you need to click on “Prepere” and “Suggest Vendor Payments”

2) Export the payment lines to an electronic file by clicking on Bank/Export

3) Save the file and upload it into your online bank system.

PS: The first time the system tries to export the payment journal to an electronic file, you might get an error message. You will get this error message because the bank account you are sending payments from must be approved by the service administrator. The system will send an e-mail to the service administrator requesting the approval of the bank account. Once the bank account is approved, you will be able to export the payment journal.

Host to Host Connectivity #

If your bank account in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is linked to your online bank account and your bank is set as Host to Host in the Bank Data Conversion Service, the system should be able to send the payment lines from the payment journal directly to the bank.

Once the payment journal is ready, follow these steps:

1) Click on Bank / Export

You should receive the following pop-up message:

The system will ask you to login to Webservices for signing payments.

2) Click on the Link and log in with a valid approver credential.

If the payment journal is already exported, you can log into XTendLink using your credentials, and sign this payment journal.

3) In the Outbound menu, find your payment journal and click on approve

4) Your credential will be shown in the Approver 1 or Approver 2. Type your password and click Approve.

Once the payment journal is approved by the relevant approvers, the system will send the payments directly to the bank.