Business Central: AMC Bank 365 Setup Wizard

The Bank Data Conversion Service Setup Wizard page is where you can set the system up with all necessaries URLs, Data Exchange Definitions, and payment types required for the system to work with Bank Data Conversion Service.

You can open this page by searching for “Bank Data Conversion Service Setup Wizard” in the search button or from the “Bank Data Conv. Service Setup” page / Assisted Setup

1) The system automatically suggests you choose the default values for setting Bank Data Conv. Service up.

NOTICE: Once this Wizard is completed, your previous Data Exchange Definitions related to Data Conversion Service will be overwritten.

We recommend you SAVE your Data Exchange Definitions before you continue this Wizard setup.

  • Save your Data Exchange Definitions related to Bank Data Conv. Service (BANKDATACONVSERVCT and BANKDATACONVSERVSTMT) and

Click on Start Update

When the update is done, you will see this picture