Business Central: AMC Banking Setup

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The AMC Banking Setup page is where you set your credential (user name, password) and URL address to connect to the Bank Data Conversion Service.

This service allows you to export payments from the Payment Journal to an electronic file or directly into the bank system *

It is also possible to import bank files into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to automate the payment reconciliation process and the bank account reconciliation.


*Depends if Host2Host connection is established between Bank Data Conversion Service and the bank


Most of the fields are automatically set when you use the Assisted Setup, basically you will only need to type the user name** and password.


** Cronus demo company and new companies have already a pre-filled demouser and password. With the demouser it is possible to test some of the facilities of the system


Find below a description of the fields:

General #

User NameThe username/login is used to identify you in AMC BANKING 365 Business and to communicate with Bank Data Conversion Service. When you register for the service, the user name must be the same as your license. You can find your license number in the AMC Banking Setup page
Postfix User NameIf needed you can add a Postfix user name to your license and user this for communicating with the web service
PasswordThe password used when communicating with the web service. Password is defined when you register for the service and is created at the same time as the User Name
SolutionSolution type: Demo, Classic + or Enterprise . It is not possible to edit this field.
LicenseYour Dynamics Business Central license is prefixed with BC. It is not possible to edit this field.

Services #

Sign-Up URLLink for signing up for the service
Service URLURL of the web service which handles the conversion of payments and bank files  
Support URLURL for AMC Banking  365 Business support
Namespace API versionVersion of API
Transaction Id NosNumber series used in the Payment Reconciliation Journal when posting payments as lump sum