AMC-Consult A/S is proud to announce we have expanded across the Atlantic!

Thanks to exponential growth in our US and Canadian markets, AMC Consult has opened our first North American office, AMC Consult Inc., located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Having a presence here will undoubtedly help us service our current and future clients, Reseller and Business Partners, while also developing new relationships, growing our user base, and increasing our brand exposure in this vital market.

To assist us with these goals, AMC-Consult has brought Neil Husain on as Regional Manager in the North American market space. Neil has 12 years of proven success in finance and cash management solutions having worked in both United States and Canada. Neil was instrumental in the successful launch of the first US office for a previous Canadian-based employer of his. He has worked for a variety of financial institutions and moneys service businesses and is intimately knowledgeable in various money transmission systems. Neil’s strengths certainly lie in his ability to connect with people and attentiveness to the needs of his clients. IT and ERP solutions are new challenges for Neil but he is a quick study and we know he will come up to speed without issue.

AMC Consult A/S is excited about this new endeavor into North America and we look forward to providing the cash management solutions, adopted by many organizations worldwide, directly to the businesses and associations of North America.

Upcoming events

AMC-Consult Inc. will be attending 2018 Microsoft Directions Convention in San Diego , CA. AMC-Consult Lead Consultants Jan Nielsen and Danielle Nielsen as well as North American Regional Manager Neil Husain will be representing AMC-Consult to meet with current partners and develop new relationships and contacts.