AMC Banking BI

Easily gather informative insights on your company’s cash management habits with helpful data visualization, based on your actual bank data, and not simulated data.

AMC Banking BI is a business intelligence tool that will be available in XTendLink. It handles cross-bank/company information and turns real-time data in to intuitive charts. With AMC Banking BI you can create a wide range of custom chart designs to help you improve areas of optimization.

  • Improve cash flow

    Obtain valuable insights on your cash management habits, improving cash flow and decision-making.

  • Enhance your overview

    Export your payment information and enhance your overview via Power BI, or other similar tools.

Focus on what really matters

Cash management includes many tedious tasks and uncertainties. Were the files received? Did the payment go through? With AMC Banking BI, you no longer need to worry about these issues anymore, as you can easily gather an overview on key financial aspects and implement data-driven decisions.

We help you get an overview
  • The data is based on actual bank data.
  • Export your payment information and enhance your overview in Power BI
  • Benefit from a quick and intuitive system.
  • Visualize cross-bank and cross-company on a single board.
  • Customize the board to your daily tasks.
  • Export datasheets for Microsoft Excel.
  • Enjoy premade, and intuitive templates.
  • Track key performance indicators (KPIs) related to cash management.