AMC Banking mobile app

Our new AMC Banking app is here – Making it easier to approve and decline payment journals on the go

We are thrilled to introduce our new AMC Banking app for IOS and Android. With this app, you now have the possibility to access the AMC Banking module from mobile devices as well.

Not only will the app extend the current functionalities of our module, but it will also make it faster and more intuitive to approve or decline payment journals.

How does the app work?

Up until now, the only way to approve and decline payment journals in our AMC Banking module, has been by logging in through a desktop device. We realize that this is not always the most optimal or fastest solution, and users have also asked for an alternative, since there are situations where you are not able to use a desktop. With our new app, you can have the same functionalities right in the palm of your hand. All you need to do is to synchronize your app with the AMC Banking module by scanning a QR code, and then you are ready to access your payment journals.

What does this mean for you?

The intuitive and user-friendly design means that you can quickly sort and navigate the payment journals of a specific status and read through the payment lines of each journal. When you want to approve or decline a payment journal, you simply tap the button, it is that simple. Additionally, the app also gives you detailed graphical visualization of your data in the form of graphs and charts, and you can generete a TOTP code when you log into AMC Banking.

How to setup AMC Banking mobile app
How to use AMC Banking mobile app
How to setup TOTP for AMC Banking app

Download the app now on iOS and Android, via App Store and the Google Play Store.